Long Distance Moving

Moving a long distance comes with additional challenges and Global Home Logistics will help you meet them from start to finish. North American Moving will coordinate every aspect of your long-distance move from packing and pickup to transport and delivery anywhere in the country or abroad. Let North American Moving be your long-distance moving company and see what a difference 100 years of experience and a great network can make.

A long-distance moving tip: Start scaling down early. While this can apply to any move, for long-distance movers it can save more money and time (and frustration). Too often we see people throw things out or give them away after they moved them across the country. They would have done it before the move, but they didn’t begin scaling back early enough. It became “easier” to just put it in a box. So, start sorting your items early, give away what you don’t really want to pack, and save on your long-distance move.